March 10, 2014

Distancing myself

We took C-man off all electronic games for the week. He'd started getting really obsessed with them, to the point that he was starting some sneaky and lying behaviors we didn't appreciate. And since I recognize these behaviors because they so mimic my own when I'm in the middle of games like that, he's on a mini-break, (much to his displeasure).

But this has made me take a breath and consider what in my life I need to take a break from, to give myself some distance, for some greater perspective. That's a bit of what the food cleanse I did was about, although that was just terrible. (It did, however, clean up my skin beautifully - something I need to think about for future eating!)

I'm in the play and taking the beekeeping certification because I knew I needed to push myself into new things; Fill my life with interesting, positive things that I found fun. But that's really only one half of the equation. The second half is getting rid of the things that aren't as fun and positive, and taking care of that sacred space inside me called sanity.

As the warmer weather approaches, and the sun shows up a bit more, I need to take the time to get outside and breathe in the air around me. Breathe out the old, stale air, and breathe in the new, positive life. A little namaste, if you will.

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Mary Z said...

Did you manage to say "no" to chairing the auction?