March 11, 2014

Blame it on the weather

  • Yesterday, I spent 2 hours outside yesterday playing catch and roof ball (on the part of the roof without snow) with C-man. It was amazing.
  • He is such a happier kid without all the electronics pull. Not that he can never use them again, but it's interesting that he is recognizing the difference in himself and how he feels. A huge step.
  • I finally told the priest we aren't doing next year's auction. It really was a back and forth debate in my head, and I feel a little guilty saying no. That said, I'm also incredibly relieved to not have that monkey on my back.
  • Play rehearsals continue on. Last night, the director decided I should slap the ass of my "husband" in one scene. I still have no idea why I would do that, and it feels incredibly awkward. He thinks it shows sexual tension. I think it shows awkward aggression.
  • I really need to learn my lines. I know a lot of them, but need to have the cues to come in on time and the confidence that I know them. This play thing is a lot of work for something hardly anyone will come see.
  • I'm back to making my own yogurt, and it is amazing. Now if I can just have my own honey to put on top...
  • Speaking of bees, I have a water source problem. I need a place to put them nearby water. Some sources say you can create a water garden to help. It's going to be my number one question this Saturday.
  • I've been sleeping really poorly the last few days. I'm blaming the weather. It's all the weather's fault, after all.

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Kim said...

If I had to slap the ass of my "play husband" I'd probably burst into giggles.

I'm glad to hear to said no to the auction, don't feel guilty about it. Saying no is hard, but it's also very liberating.