March 1, 2013

Another Friday, Another blog by bullets

  • Vacation is in 25 days. Oh my goodness, I can hardly stand it.
  • It's amazing the additional things I am thinking about now that we're taking a child with us - How does our health insurance work in Turkey? What are the best time sucking iPad apps to get us through the ride? Do we need another universal charger to charge all the electronic stuff? What are the best guidebooks for what to do in Paris with a kid? What does an 8 year old wear inside a mosque?
  • And then I relax and realize that as long as he gets to the top of the Eiffel Tower and gets a chocolate croissant in the mornings, we'll be made in the shade. Because after all, for better or worse, Turkey is already completely planned out for us.
  • Work is insane. I cannot even describe how crazy it is.
  • Beerman is still sick. He's refusing to stay at home but at least has an appointment tomorrow. He cannot be sick on our vacation! And neither can I!
  • I have a massage scheduled tonight before the boys go off to Cub Scouts. It may be the perfectest Friday night ever.

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