February 7, 2013

Weekend's ahead!

  • We're heading to the Dells this weekend. C-man is upset he's missing judo. At least we know he still likes it.
  • I suppose I should do some laundry in advance of being gone all weekend. Plus I need something clean to wear. What a novel concept.
  • My hair stylist of many years has left. Just when I got the whole family going to her! Now what am I supposed to do?!?
  • I've been back on Pinterest lately. I left it for a good amount of time, and now find myself browsing away. At least it's given me some cleaning tips I've used, which has been helpful.
  • I've also spent too much time on Etsy lately. Although I have gotten some fabulous new necklaces.
  • So far, the much anticipated Winter Storm Nemo has been kind of a letdown. Figures.
  • We STILL have not booked our Spring Break travel, and I'm getting anxious. With the Ankara embassy bombing, we have done a lot of thinking. And I think we're still doing the trip. But now we're on a Paris - Athens - Instanbul (with a ferry across to Asia, of course) thought. My brain needs this to be booked.

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l'empress said...

Ooh, the Dells. Beautiful! I was there in mid summer. I hope you'll post winter pictures.