February 21, 2013

Home Again

Last night, I flew home from Orlando.  2 on-time departures. And despite being fairly full flights, I had an open seat next to me both times. My layover was in Memphis, which was spottlessly clean and new and lovely. I'll have to remember that the next time I am choosing layovers. And then my bag was the 3rd one off the conveyor in Milwaukee, and the belt was already running by the time I got to baggage claim. Seriously, I was looking around to see if I spotted a unicorn nearby, because that NEVER happens. I guess the universe must have definitely thought it was time for me to be home to snuggle with my boys. And boy, am I. Harry won't leave my side, and C-man and I have the next 2 days together since he's off school. (I'm working from home today, but tomorrow we are off.) What a relief. Now it's time to just cuddle, play video games, go swim at the club, and watch the snow fall.

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Mary Z said...

Glad you had such a good travel day.