October 23, 2012

Is it really only Tuesday?

I am supposed to keep the stitches from my mole biopsy/removal dry. It is on my stomach. How does one do that in the shower? It isn't like I can stick my stomach out of the way. A least not yet. If I keep eating like I have been, that will cease to be a problem in no time.

I need to get my butt in the gym again. I cannot figure out why my motivation has been so low. But I am starting to disgust myself.

C-man got a sucker for being the best kid in the class in math yesterday. He wanted Grandpa to know that. ;)

I need to start planning for Greece. I think that will kick me into gear to get in shape a bit. Kind of like a Greece 2013 campaign.

C-man is so excited it is Halloween week. His school parade is Friday. I need to figure out how to slick his hair back so that it stays all day like Thor. I am thinking lots and lots of gel.

Here is to a quick week!


l'empress said...

Plastic wrap, or even a plastic bag, cut small enough to fit on your body but large enough to cover the bandage. Tape it on with cellophane tape or shipping tape.

Remove it as soon as you've dried off, because it won't stay dry forever and your skin might be sensitive to the adhesive.

Mary Z said...

Or just sponge bath until the stitches come out. Not very satisfactory, but it does work.