April 19, 2012

Good thing (doo doo doobie doo)

Am feeling kind of physically drained, which makes me emotionally drained, this week. Sleep has been elusive. I'm blaming the slow moving low front. Plus, I just can't seem to get off a soul-sucking project at work, and it really weighs on me even when I'm home.

Which means it's time to play - What's Good in Jen's Life?
  1. I keep quoting Charles Barkley's SNL sketch "White People Problems" because it makes me giggle. And now I've got people I work with doing it too. "It's just the worst!" It's a fun way to give a little perspective to things people make WAY more dramatic than they are.
  2. I'm going to the Brewers game on Sunday - my first game of the season.
  3. My trip to Southern California next week got canceled.
  4. The red dress with chickens on it I ordered for the school dinner fundraiser just shipped. (I'll be sooo bummed if it doesn't work out, because I've gotten myself very excited about this silly dress and my sky high peep toe black heels.)
  5. There was an enormous owl in my backyard last night. I love owls.
  6. C-man didn't find the Lego set he really wanted at Mall of America, so bought a small one and then waited until he came home to buy the Bionicle he liked. I'm amazed at how quickly he can assemble this stuff now. He's really made huge leaps cognitively lately.
  7. Since I wrote the title of this blog, I can't stop singing "Good Thing" by the Fine Young Cannibals. Awesome.
  8. Tomorrow is Friday, which means Jack (Are all little boys named Jack these days? It's like being named Jennifer in the 70s. Oh, wait...) is coming to sleep over at the house. Apparently he's never had a sleepover, and since my kid is the king of them, he insisted we invite Jack over.
  9. I got a thank you email from the teacher for giving Thunder and Sparky (the hermit crabs) all new stuff. She also told me C-man gave her a specific list on which treats each of them liked. Attaboy!
  10. Ryan Braun hit a walk-off home run last night. Sweetness.

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