October 24, 2014


It was supposed to be nice today, but it is typical Fall yuk. So I am going to pretend it's warm and sunny instead.

October 23, 2014

Random stuff on an actual Thursday

  • 30 degrees in the morning does not make for a warm garage kitchen. I am going to be really happy when we have a real kitchen again.
  • I tripped going up the stairs into work this morning. In addition to wounding my pride, I jammed three of the fingers on my left hand. I should have stayed in bed.
  • I cannot get warm the last two days. I refuse to believe I'm getting sick, because I'm not.
  • C-man's last football game is Saturday. Last night, practice went so far past sunset that I could barely see the kids in the field. All the other grades went home, and the 5th grade team was starting sprints. If nothing else, they're well conditioned.
  • Beerman is home from Memphis. Yea.
  • Is it time to go to bed yet?

October 22, 2014

Thursday thirteen on Wednesday

  1. Beerman comes home from Memphis tonight.
  2. C-man has his penultimate football practice tonight. He's so sad it's coming to an end.
  3. He has school pictures today. (Something I'd forgotten about until 8 p.m. last night. And since he's a uniform kid, we had to run out and buy a decent shirt that isn't a jersey and fit!) He practiced his smile all the way to school.
  4. I solved my Dropbox issue of parents thieving my source file photos instead of copying them by shutting down their access to 'view only'. (They weren't adding any anyway!) I had to upgrade my account, but that's okay, too. i needed the space.
  5. I ordered a rental camera lens for the weekend's game to try out. (Sigma 50 - 500) I only have a lens that goes to 300 mm, so am curious to see what I can do with a 500 mm. You know, purely for research purposes.
  6. This being my first football season, it's been a real learning curve on how to get the good shots and angles. I'll be much better at it next year.
  7. I'm going to have to wait another week to get to my bees. I have to read in church Sunday morning, and then it's trick-or-treating. The good news is it's supposed to be warm next week
  8. Trick or Treat is this weekend. Wow, did THAT happen quickly.
  9. Next weekend, I'm planning on going to the bees and doing a full winterizing mode on them. I don't think I'm going to do a whole lot - drill an upper entrance into the boxes so they can get out if the snow covers the bottom, put a fence up to break some of the wind, and take the feeders off if the boxes are full of honey.
  10. I'm also thinking of placing some tarp on the ground to kill the grass so I have room for another hive or two in the spring. You know, just in case I end up expanding this operation.
  11. If you haven't already signed up to walk at the Jingle Bell Walk, there's still time!
  12. I have almost everything ready for this year's Christmas card photo. I really wanted to do a normal, smiling family photo. But the others in the house were anti-normal. Alas.
  13. I went to McDonalds for coffee on my way to work today post-dental visit. I had no idea they were still doing Monopoly. Wasn't that ruled a scam like a decade ago? And they're still running it?

October 21, 2014

I hate fall and other stuff

I set up a Dropbox account for all the football photos I've taken. The intent was for other people to add to it so we'd have a complete picture of the games. Nobody has added anything. I mean, absolutely nothing. But now I'm running into the problem that they're cutting and taking them instead of just copying them. Argh! I upload 80 photos of a game, and the next day I'm down to 16, creating a crap-ton of more. WTH people?!? I spend hours on these things. And if you're going to steal something, at least know that there's a digital footprint of your outright thievery. (Okay, I know, it isn't intentional malice. I'm just so tired of reworking my work!) But as Beerman noted, I guess it answers the question if someone is actually looking at the photos.

Today, an email came out that a white shoe was found on the football practice field last night. I guess that solves the mystery of how the heck C-man only had one shoe this morning.

Beerman is in Memphis. He hasn't seen Elvis yet. Apparently he doesn't hang out there any longer. Who knew?

The house is still a mess from Fall Fest. Meh. It'll eventually get cleaned up, I suppose. It's not like we have a kitchen or anything, so I guess it just fits in with the whole 'look' of the house.

I'm really tired of this weather. And pumpkins. I hate fall.

October 20, 2014

Looking forward to the slow down

This is C-man's last week of football. Fall Fest has come and gone. Beerman has been traveling a lot for work lately, but hopefully that's winding down, too. The counter top guys are coming to measure today, which means we are on the kitchen homestretch, too.

In other words, as I look to November, I feel like we could actually slow down a little. As much as I like the activity and friends, it'll be really nice to take a break and have a clean house and laundry that's put away. I'm really looking forward to it.

October 19, 2014

The day after

  • C-man's team won yesterday. He didn't have any major plays because the other team was pretty darned good. (They only had one tie and no losses) But he was a gamer, and even got to play middle linebacker.
  • Fall Fest was cold, but another huge success. 35 of our best friends together eating, drinking, laughing, and watching a movie. C-man felt it was the best one ever. I think we're going to be eating a lot of Mexican food in our future with all the leftovers we've got.
  • Today, between a birthday party and the Packers game, is cleanup day. As Beerman said, "Fall Fest is a lot of fun, but wow, is it a lot of work."
  • I may need a nap somehow in the middle, too. Wouldn't that be a dream.

October 16, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

  1. The kitchen cabinets are in. We don't have doors or drawers, but cabinets are in. Whoot!
  2. Who knew getting someone in to measure my countertops would be such a long drawn out process? Come on, people! Just bring your tape measures and get this thing done!
  3. I proclaimed last night that all I need to pick out is a garbage disposal. I was corrected because I also have to pick out grout color for the backsplash and a bunch of other little things. Darnit. I just want to be done deciding.
  4. We have also learned that cork floor is too squishy for the big ass range. So I have to get some tile for underneath it. I'll put that in my what I learned file. (I do really like the cork floor, though!)
  5. C-man has football practice tonight. Because when you're 9 and get rained out on Monday, you HAVE to make it up. Sheez.
  6. Tomorrow's the day to get ready for Fall Fest. It's so bizarre because we haven't even really talked about it, what with all the travel and football and kitchen.
  7. Saturday is C-man's penultimate football game. Just when I was starting to learn how to photograph this game, the season is almost over. Oh well, then it's on to learn how to get good wrestling shots.
  8. I really need to start reading again. I've been in a lull - too achy and tired at night to read. I need to get back into some books and help this brain.
  9. It's Boss' Day today. And while it's incredibly nice of my people to think of me, I feel bad because it's pretty much a forced day of recognition.
  10. I got a new pair of riding boots and they're so comfortable, I don't want to wear anything else.
  11. Someone brought Tootsie Rolls into the office. They are like kryptonite. As are donuts. It's been a bad week for eating.
  12. I'm really tired of people posting sad things on Facebook. This person is dying. This turtle is malformed because of pollution. Fracking is destroying the water. Ebola is going to kill us all. Can't we just go back to photos of your beet salads?
  13. I have tomorrow off. It's going to need to be busy, but it won't be at work. And that is going to be awesome.