October 27, 2014

On happiness

Mondays are hard when you're not living your passion. My trouble is I don't feel like I know what my passion really is anymore. Once upon a time, it was writing and creating. Now I'm a middle manager, managing people. And that's all well and fine, but there's all sorts of political corporate bullshit sprinkled in the middle - work some people thrive on. I do not. Like a living, breathing version of Office Space.

My real problem is I can't think of something else I'd rather do other than sit home and hug my dog. And since that doesn't pay the mortgage, I continue on, mostly uninspired. And I don't like being uninspired. I think some of it is the intense pain I've been in lately. Some of it is the intense schedule we've been living. And then there's drag of not having a house to really live in with this kitchen remodel hell. (I totally made the wrong decision in choosing a kitchen over Morocco.) And I'm all fat and stuff.

As C-man says, I just need to pull myself together. Find some sunshine - proverbial or real, and make this happen. Because being unhappy sucks.

October 26, 2014

Smell My Feet!

Today was trick-or-treat. (Always the Sunday before for us) 70 degrees and sunny. I don't know when the last time THAT happened in Wisconsin was! Anyhow, our Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy movie, for those who haven't seen it) and his neighborhood friends went out for about an hour, and then decided it was better that they just go "hang out". Which is great, because I feel like garbage and have a million things to get done. These weekends really go by too quickly.

October 25, 2014

That's all she wrote

Football season is done. It was another fantastic game with a few tackles for losses, tackles for stops, a fumble recovery, pressing the quarterback to hurry up, and just overall fun with a win at the end.

And now, we get a month off before wrestling starts.

October 24, 2014


It was supposed to be nice today, but it is typical Fall yuk. So I am going to pretend it's warm and sunny instead.

October 23, 2014

Random stuff on an actual Thursday

  • 30 degrees in the morning does not make for a warm garage kitchen. I am going to be really happy when we have a real kitchen again.
  • I tripped going up the stairs into work this morning. In addition to wounding my pride, I jammed three of the fingers on my left hand. I should have stayed in bed.
  • I cannot get warm the last two days. I refuse to believe I'm getting sick, because I'm not.
  • C-man's last football game is Saturday. Last night, practice went so far past sunset that I could barely see the kids in the field. All the other grades went home, and the 5th grade team was starting sprints. If nothing else, they're well conditioned.
  • Beerman is home from Memphis. Yea.
  • Is it time to go to bed yet?

October 22, 2014

Thursday thirteen on Wednesday

  1. Beerman comes home from Memphis tonight.
  2. C-man has his penultimate football practice tonight. He's so sad it's coming to an end.
  3. He has school pictures today. (Something I'd forgotten about until 8 p.m. last night. And since he's a uniform kid, we had to run out and buy a decent shirt that isn't a jersey and fit!) He practiced his smile all the way to school.
  4. I solved my Dropbox issue of parents thieving my source file photos instead of copying them by shutting down their access to 'view only'. (They weren't adding any anyway!) I had to upgrade my account, but that's okay, too. i needed the space.
  5. I ordered a rental camera lens for the weekend's game to try out. (Sigma 50 - 500) I only have a lens that goes to 300 mm, so am curious to see what I can do with a 500 mm. You know, purely for research purposes.
  6. This being my first football season, it's been a real learning curve on how to get the good shots and angles. I'll be much better at it next year.
  7. I'm going to have to wait another week to get to my bees. I have to read in church Sunday morning, and then it's trick-or-treating. The good news is it's supposed to be warm next week
  8. Trick or Treat is this weekend. Wow, did THAT happen quickly.
  9. Next weekend, I'm planning on going to the bees and doing a full winterizing mode on them. I don't think I'm going to do a whole lot - drill an upper entrance into the boxes so they can get out if the snow covers the bottom, put a fence up to break some of the wind, and take the feeders off if the boxes are full of honey.
  10. I'm also thinking of placing some tarp on the ground to kill the grass so I have room for another hive or two in the spring. You know, just in case I end up expanding this operation.
  11. If you haven't already signed up to walk at the Jingle Bell Walk, there's still time!
  12. I have almost everything ready for this year's Christmas card photo. I really wanted to do a normal, smiling family photo. But the others in the house were anti-normal. Alas.
  13. I went to McDonalds for coffee on my way to work today post-dental visit. I had no idea they were still doing Monopoly. Wasn't that ruled a scam like a decade ago? And they're still running it?