March 31, 2015

Trifles and Notions

  • C-man's babysitter didn't show up on time yesterday. (He had a half-day. Because of course, you'd have a half-day on Monday when you have Friday and the following week off.) He texted me an hour after she was supposed to be there. I was so angry.
  • He'd already made himself lunch and watched a TV show before he felt it necessary to let me know he was home alone.
  • Beasley continues to integrate into the household. He has all of C-man's stuffed toys that are balls (basketball pillow, football pillow, nerf football) commandeered as his own now.
  • I can hardly believe we have next week off. It's so exciting.
  • I hope my beehives come so I can paint and set them up before the bees come.
  • The arthritis nonsense has been a real issue lately and doesn't seem to be improving. I can hardly move my shoulder. Bleh.
  • Baseball practice for the boys tonight. Hopefully Beasley and I can get out for a walk together.

March 30, 2015

So there you have it.

We spent our weekend at the State youth wrestling tournament. C-man was a spectator, with the broken finger and not qualifying and all. But he cheered on his teammates and got to see his good friend and sparring partner win the whole darned thing for his weight class. That was really cool. He also got to see 5 of the kids he'd wrestled compete, with 3 of them winning their brackets. So at least he knows what he has to do if he wants to be serious about this. I, of course, took a trillion photos with a lens I'd rented. You know, for when I have a spare $2000 to spend on a lens, I at least know I really like it.

So the wrestling season is over. It's a good thing baseball practices have started, or we wouldn't know what to do with our spare time.

C-man declared last night that Leprechauns and the Easter Bunny are not real. "Because I've been to the end of a rainbow, and there's nothing there. So Mom, can you just admit that you hide my basket? But don't worry, I'm still going to believe in Santa." Translation: I absolutely don't, but please continue to give me all those presents!

In other news, well, I don't have a lot of other news. My joints hurt, I've got a 4 day work week before spring break, and really if we're truthful, my brain is already there. So there you have it. Monday.

March 27, 2015


  • This photo was taken a while ago, and we don't have snow. But I did have to brush snow off my windshield this morning. Gack!
  • According to my order tracker, FedEx has my lens on its truck. I wish they'd give me a delivery window, because I have stuff to do and really don't want to wait around to sign for it.
  • Beasley is getting his first groom (as a Rysewyk) today. I'm curious to see how he does.
  • I sent in all the summer camp paperwork for C-man. And then they called to tell me I never sent in payment. Sometimes I'm a total idiot.
  • I'm so glad it's Friday. Hope your weekend is fantastic!

March 26, 2015


  • I'm so glad it's Thursday. I'm really exhausted.
  • But first, I need to get through work and Beasley to the park.
  • And a manicure
  • And a new drivers license
  • And a trip to the gym so I don't miss my 8 visits and have to pay for the month
  • And then, I'm sure it'll be food in front of the TV and Badgers game
  • Saturday is state wrestling, so it'll be our last tournament for the season. As much as I enjoyed C-man in wrestling, I'm really ready for it to be done.
  • Although it means I need to find other stuff to photograph
  • Baseball!

March 25, 2015

Hump Daaaaaaaaaay!

  • I've been waiting for my Amazon order to arrive. Upon further review, it was delivered to Petersburg, Virginia. FedEx fail again.
  • But Amazon is johnny on the spot about replacing it and getting it to me next day. Nice.
  • I rented a new lens for this weekend's state wrestling tournament. I'm so excited to use it because I really want this lens, but can't justify buying it yet. Let's just hope FedEx doesn't screw this one up, too.
  • I've been researching for our next trip. Probably next year when I move up a decade. Because what doesn't take the sting away from turning 40 like Hungarian wine?
  • Speaking of next trips, I'm also looking for a good place to stay in San Francisco this summer. I think I may try out AirBNB.
  • I was told I looked beautiful and refreshed this morning. Thank you Tramdol and a gallon of de-puffer concealer!
  • Beasley knocked the iPad over, so I can't see what he's doing today. Darn it.

March 24, 2015

I need warm sun on my face

  • I scraped my icy windshield this morning. Happy Spring.
  • I don't get Last Man on Earth. It's supposed to be funny, but almost everyone is dead from a virus. Except there are no dead bodies or animals anywhere. And the guy's a jerk and not funny.
  • My lower back has been crushingly painful lately. I hardly slept last night. It almost makes me want to go back to the rheumatologist. Almost.
  • I went through McDonalds this morning because I was weak. Remind me never to do that again. Bleh.
  • I continue to watch Beasley on the web cam. He's sleeping again. Yes, I am a little jealous.
  • I miss warm sun on my face. I really need warm sun on my face.

March 23, 2015


  • I feel like I'm going a million miles an hour and not getting anywhere. Picture Fred Flintstone and his car before it speeds ahead. That's me.
  • I continue to watch Beasley on the web cam. He is still sleeping by the door.
  • 10 wrestlers from C-man's club made it through to State. We're going to head to Madison Saturday morning to watch those who made it through Friday night and those who start on Saturday.
  • C-man was lamenting how sad he was to not have wrestled this weekend. Poor thing.
  • My allergies have kicked up into high gear. Not cool.
  • But hey, at least it's almost baseball season!