July 22, 2014

Best laid plans

This baby bunny has crawled down my throat. At least it feels like it. I was really planning on taking this week to get healthy and try another 3-day version of the cleanse and cut out the sugar and coffee. Yeah, whatever.

Sugar me. Caffeine me. Leave me alone.

July 21, 2014

Monday's child

Well, we're back to Monday again.

  • I tweaked my lower back yesterday while weeding out in the yard. Man, it hurts.
  • Beerman and I have caught C-man's summer virus, so it feels like a cat is living at the top of my throat.
  • It's been a good year for cool flying stuff in our gardens. Last year there was almost nothing. This year is worthy of hours of watching monarchs and bees and dragonflies.
  • I have a bevy of mourning doves in my backyard. I ran out of the Kaytee finch food, and substituted with the local garden store finch good and they all left. I put it back in, and they're back. Amazon Subscribe n Save on that stuff, because I love my cooing doves.
  • Except I saw a hawk hunting in our backyard yesterday. I'm trying not to think about the ramifications of that.
  • There were two local skydiving accidents this weekend. If you're hurtling yourself out of a plane, and you get hurt, can it really be called an accident?
  • I'm knee deep into The Heist. I wait all year for my Gabriel Allon books, and then whip through them. I'm trying to take this one slower so I don't mourn it so hard after.
  • I've been getting some friend request acceptances on Facebook. From people I don't know, and never requested. What's up with that?
  • It's been nice and warm. I hope that means my bees are happy. It's hard going two weeks without seeing them. Although it was incredibly nice to not have to make a multi-hour drive this weekend.
  • Beerman and I closed down another new beer garden this weekend. It's right outside where we had our wedding reception. I didn't see the bride, but the wedding wasn't as amazing as ours.

July 20, 2014

Life at this house

Yesterday, C-man woke up at the house,with Kid 1 (neighbor) here after having slept over. They played all morning (turning down an invite from Kid 2 to come over) and later picked up Kid 3 from the neighborhood on their bikes. C-man has a summer cold, so I told him that about 1 pm, he should come home for some quiet time, which he did instead of meeting more neighborhood kids for pickup soccer at the school behind the house. 15 minutes later, Kid 4 called for him to come over and play. Which he did until 5, (missing an invite for a sleepover from Kid 5 while there) so he could come home to clean up to go to Kid 1's birthday party with 14 other boys. (The puppy at Kid 4's house chewed his flip flops, so his mother went out and promptly bought him an ultra-expensive pair to replace his $20 stinky ones that needed replacing.) He slept over at Kid 1's house with 3 other boys.

Today, after coming home from the sleepover and having some breakfast with us, he went swimming at Kid 2's house. (A house at which we were instructed to enter the "East entrance".) Meanwhile, Kids 1 and 3 have shown up at the door twice looking for him to come play.

I had planned a slower day of us geocaching, a picnic, and hanging out as a family. My introverted self cannot even imagine going through the out and about that C-man has happily partaken in this weekend. Especially when not feeling 100%. But he absolutely thrives on it. I'm thankful he's so happy and makes friends so easily, but wow, it's exhausting just watching!

July 19, 2014

One of those kinds of days

It has been a lawn mowing, bird feeding, farmers marketing, dog park walking, brand new Gabriel Allon book reading, bathroom painting, laundry doing, play dating, garden photo taking, sun tea drinking, kind of days. Up next, a date with my love.

July 18, 2014

Garden walks

I can't legally or ethically keep bees in my yard, but at least our bee-friendly gardens are inviting and welcoming for the local bumblebees, milkweed bugs, mason bees, and somebody's rogue honeybees. (There are at least 2 hives, because there are Italians and Russians flying around!) It's my nightly calm when I get home on a beautiful night. There's no messy house, no XBox, no neighbor kid, no laundry to switch over, no dishwasher to empty... Just me, a camera, and my flying pollinators in the milkweed as the doves coo.

July 17, 2014

Random observations

  • There is no safe way to eat a powdered sugar donut
  • Walking into work with a box of donuts makes everyone smile
  • Senior pictures taken on railroad tracks look stupid
  • So do jumping wedding photos
  • Coffee makes things better
  • An afternoon nap would make things better yet
  • Havianas makes some of the most comfortable shoes ever
  • Flying Malaysian Airlines is a bad idea
  • The bumblebees in my yard are chubby

July 16, 2014

Is it the weekend yet?

  • The church asked me to take photos of the church's exterior and interior for the new website. C-man was not happy with having to go after camp to do it. But he lived.
  • I had to fight with FedEx because I rented a wide-angle lens that they didn't deliver on time, even though I paid extra to get it shipped on Saturday. I'm done with using FedEx.
  • How is it only Wednesday in this crazy week?
  • How is the temperature in the 40s for my bees? 40s?!? It's July. This is crazy.
  • I can't get full lately. I don't like that.
  • Is it the weekend yet?