December 8, 2016


This is that time of year that always confuses me. It's supposed to be a time of love and happiness and joy, but in reality, is such a contrast to the extra selfishness and lack of effort that seems to happen. I often feel like I'm wandering around without joy in a season that's supposed to be such a blessing. But really, I'd just prefer to get on an airplane and explore someplace new without having to deal with anyone or anything. I know that sounds so Bah Humbug. And maybe it truly is. But at least I'd be able to find joy and experience new happiness instead of feel so disappointed with so many people. Maybe I'll just stay at home for the next 30 days and shut myself off like a hermit. Everything delivers anyway, right?

December 6, 2016


I've mostly found people to be disappointing lately. I hate that. It seems to come with this time of year, unfortunately - the time when people decide to fly their true colors. I hate that. Especially because it's St. Nick's Day. And I always love St. Nick's Day. At least I'm doing dinner and gambling with friends tonight while the boys wrestle. That should be fun.

December 5, 2016


This weekend was full. Fake Christmas #1 (as dubbed by C-man) with my family. It's always nice. C-man, of course, had a total blast with his cousins and was sad to leave. Unfortunately, the leaving part took forever since the first real snowfall of the season happened. It turned our five-ish hour drive into over seven. Thankfully, we drove the truck and put it in 4WD and Beerman got us home safely.

So this is this year's family photo, minus a brother in law. Each year, everyone wants a nice photo. But then after I set it up, some hide making it look like I don't know what I'm doing, others complain it's taking too long, and still others think they're funny by being total asses. I gave up trying to get a decent photo, so went with what we had and said it was great. But I think I'm done taking any family photos.

December 1, 2016

3 days ahead

It's my last day of work before a 3-day weekend. I really need this one. I have had a crazy week and haven't slept at night. Tomorrow's breakfast with a friend and then massage are going to be amazing.

November 30, 2016

Sound bytes

This weekend is the first fake Christmas. Man, it's way too early for this. I don't know what I do or don't have for anyone. I have Friday off, at least, and can try to pull myself together then.

The breakfast options served at my work have improved a million-fold since we got a new kitchen. I need to stop doing this, but justify it by having a smaller lunch instead. Because seriously - egg in a hole? Yes!

This week has felt like the longest week where I keep beating my head against the wall. People can't be that dumb, right?

Last night was the first Jr Knights practice for Beerman and C-man. C-man was thrilled to be back at it with this group. I'm glad he enjoys it.

Beerman is slowly improving since the great tumble. He proudly showed me he could lift his arm over his head today. Progress.

At least the Brewers are picking up some new players. Trump may be our president in Spring, but at least there's something hopeful...

November 28, 2016

Guess what time it is...

  • C-man has been in club wrestling for 2 weeks. But this week starts his Jr Knights wrestling, too. That means he's just moved into 4 a week wrestling practices until Easter. Ahhh, can you smell it?
  • Beerman fell two stories off a ladder yesterday while putting up a Christmas wreath. The ladder slipped out from under him. I'm cautiously optimistic that while he really jacked up his back, the knock to his head wasn't incredibly severe. But we're watching things...
  • Coming back to work after 5 days isn't my favorite thing to do. When do I win that lottery?
  • Thanksgiving was lovely this year. A smaller crowd than normal, but it all worked out. And after gorging on blackberry and cherry pie, we came home with the annual box of canned good from Grandma. It's hard to beat that with a stick.
  • We winterized the bees. In other words, they got moisture quilts put on top, and a fence around them to block the wind. I have chosen, on the advice of my instructor, to not wrap them because it retains too much moisture. We'll see how that works out again. It's hard to believe this is my third season and winter.
  • C-man has started meditating with me daily now. Hopefully it helps with some of the anxiety he's been feeling. You couldn't pay me to be a middle schooler again.
  • I could really use a nap. Is it nap time yet?

November 22, 2016

Holiday week

  • The Christmas cards are ordered. Ugh, I hate hitting print on these things. Invariably, I find a million things I want to change after I do, but whatever. It's done now. Maybe someday I'll have a family who does a nice photo for the card.
  • Who am I kidding. We are not the nice family photo card people.
  • The school has lice. Shudder. I already itch.
  • I was without my computer for a day and a half at work. Do you know what you can do without a computer at work? Jack shit.
  • C-man has forgotten to turn in his ski club information for over a week and a half. It's past the deadline. I told him to beg for forgiveness and turn it in today. I'm curious to see if his sad face did its magic.
  • Thanksgiving is this week. So I've got to get my cranberries.
  • But more importantly, I need to make my bee hive quilts so I can winterize the bees. I can't believe it's already time for that. I hope they make it.
  • And now, have a lovely week.