August 31, 2014

A weekend with Larry Peterson

C-man and I spent the last few days of our staycation in Winter with my family. We ate cream puffs and cake and pie. We played ladder golf. We looked at eagles. We played card games. And C-man fished. The biggest catch was with the lure he'd made his last week of summer camp - a 23" northern pike he named Larry Peterson. I do believe the great story of Larry Peterson will become so epic, it will be told to his own children one day.

And now, the kitchen demolition begins.

August 29, 2014

Muscle Hamster

Last night was C-man's first tackle football scrimmage. On the first play, #57 got the very first tackle. He was pretty amped up. (And since I was cheering, I didn't get a shot of the full tackle to the ground, but it did happen.)

And since he's just a wee bit smaller than the other kids on defense, he has earned the nickname "Muscle Hamster". (It started as the "Weasel" because he pops out of nowhere, and then somehow morphed to the Muscle Hamster.) It cracks me up.

And now, he gets to rest for a long weekend before next week's first official game.

August 28, 2014

Day 4

Today's staycation fun took us to the Milwaukee Art Museum, where the Kandinsky exhibit is in its final days. It was a good exhibit, and while Kandinsky isn't my most favorite artist, we learned a lot and had an enjoyable time.

Then we, of course, went to have lunch at the lakefront and enjoy a beautiful day.

And tonight, he has his first football scrimmage. Something for which he is absolutely thrilled about.


In other news, we were all challenged in one way or another to do the Ice Bucket Challenge - C-man by a friend, Beerman by his sister, and me by Beerman.


August 26, 2014

On this National Dog Day

It's been a slower day of dog parks, school supply runs (cough, choke - the cost of that nonsense is oppressive), kitchen cleaning out (oh, this renovation is going to be the death of me), and football talk (it's really non-stop).

Happy National Dog Day to you!

August 25, 2014

Staycation Take 1

We started Staycation Day 1 with a trip to and tour through Lambeau Field. It was a grim, rainy day, but it didn't seem to dampen our spirits. And thankfully, it stopped raining in time for us to go outside.

Being near the field was pretty cool.

But walking the players' tunnel to get there was the ultimate in coolness.

And we, of course, Lambeau Leaped after a Pro Shop visit. (Shiny, new hat)

Then we headed north to see Grandma Lou and the bees. (Band name?) With my trusted helper at my side, we smoked 'em good.

Laughed about the hair in our eyes.

And smiled at the beautiful frames of honey. (Amelia has one complete honey super full, although very little of it is capped yet. Beatrix just got her first honey super, but the hive looked tremendously healthy and happy.) I ordered my honey extractor in anticipation of the sweet stuff this fall, so things are getting serious!

Only one day in the books, but my mission to make this staycation a good one is definitely on the right path!

August 23, 2014

I suppose I should learn this game

These past two weeks have been about football in our house. Messing and cleaning up uniforms. Talking plays. Talking sprints and burpees.

I don't know if he'll play a lot, considering he's a 4th grader on a 5th grade team. And that's probably okay, too. But oh my, does he love this. Every night, after 2.5 hours of practice, he's sweaty and stinky, and gloriously happy, discussing what great hits he made.

I guess I should probably learn something about this game, because it seems we might be in it for the long haul.

(On this play, he's playing center in the green socks)

August 22, 2014

Here comes the ahhhh...

It's Friday. The last day of work before vacation. Kyle Lohse came to work. I may have actually swooned a little. I cleaned out my inbox. C-man is at a friend's house. Ahhh... The calm before the kitchen remodel storm. But at least I'll be off work.