February 26, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Why, when you ask someone to take your picture, do they often cut off your feet and leave a huge amount of sky? Are they not looking at what they're photographing?
  2. One week from today, Beasley arrives. I'm so excited.
  3. C-man really wants him to sleep with him. We'll see what Beasley thinks of that plan.
  4. C-man is still considering whether or not he wrestles at regionals. I just learned that it's held on his birthday. That may change his mind. Or maybe not.
  5. I got my hair highlighted last night. It always amazes me how many compliments I get the next day. Either she does a great job, or every 8 weeks is way too long to cover up the gray hairs!
  6. The bee posts from more southern states are really ramping up in the forums that I'm a part. It makes me really anxious to know what's happening in my hives.
  7. No wrestling this weekend means I'm sleeping in and taking photos of non-wrestling things. That'll be nice.
  8. I have been getting a lot of headaches lately. It's been unusual, and I'm trying to figure out what is causing them. A trip to the chiropractor helped, but hasn't solved things.
  9. The urge to change the school wrestling Facebook page daily is ridiculous. I am only allowing myself to change it once a week.
  10. It has improved my PhotoShop techniques, though, which is great.
  11. I have an all-day work meeting tomorrow. I'm trying to be optimistic, but anything that goes all-day is hard for me.
  12. C-man likes me to put in his contacts for him. When I got annoyed with this, he put them in with no problems. Stinker.
  13. But it make me realize I need someone to do these types of things for me. Time to start buying lottery tickets.

February 24, 2015


It's only Tuesday, and I'm talking about the weekend. It says something for this time of year, I suppose. The ice canoes on Lake Michigan are supposed to be quite spectacular, so once the weather gets to where I can feel my face, I want to go explore them. (Then maybe you'll have some lake pictures to look at instead of only wrestling ones!) Speaking of which, I need to submit some photos to the USA Wrestling magazine. I'm going to win that contest!

February 23, 2015

Around the week goes again

  • C-man woke up with his whole body quit sore, but he, at least much happier about his performance on the mat yesterday. Apparently sleep puts things into better perspective.
  • I've put myself back on prednisone. I've got a ton of it, and I've been hurting so bad, I figured what the hell. Who needs doctors anyway?
  • Baseball tryouts are this weekend. C-man doesn't need to try out since he's got a team, but Beerman is the coach this year and needs to go watch.
  • I'm almost giddy baseball is almost here.
  • I also am giddy about Beasley the dog's impending arrival. Fluffy belly!
  • Spring ahead also means it's almost bee season. I'm on a bunch of forums with people further south already in their hives, and I'm so jealous.
  • I hope my bees are still alive.
  • Is it Friday yet?

February 22, 2015

One of those lessons learned kind of days

Today, C-man weighed in at 89.5 and was bracketed in the 90 - 98 pound weight class with 5th graders who were all much more experienced. And the results were a bit sad. He got pinned his first three matches.

In his first match, the kid got him into a half nelson and he didn't know quite how to get out. Because he was fighting so hard, he really hurt his shoulder, which made him sad and scared. And, of naturally, more timid for his second match.

By the third match, he was up against an incredibly good kid the other kids on his team all looked at and said, "I hope you don't have to wrestle HIM." He did. And there was just no chance. But true to form, the kid was incredibly nice to him after, and gave him a hug. It's such a funny sport that way - I am going to hurt you for three minutes and then hug you because I know how awful-hard that just was. There's something really impressive about learning that by 10 years old.

In the fourth round, he fought really hard. With just 10 seconds left, he threw a reversal and tied it at 4-4 to send the match into overtime. Unfortunately, he lost that one by getting taken down first.

There were tears and sadness. There was ice on the shoulder. And there were a lot of pep talks from the coaches. But when it was all said and done, he went to bed proud that he battled so hard and knew he really couldn't have done any better. A character building day, for sure.

February 21, 2015

Saturday stuff

It's a slow Saturday around here, which is pretty fabulous considering I'm still hurting so much that I consider moving around an optional activity. But at least the squirrels are happily visiting with me. Okay, they're eating my corn, but whatever, we can't be picky about these things. Hope you're enjoying your day, wherever you are.

February 20, 2015

Thank you, weekend. I really need you.

I'm back in Milwaukee. I'm in a lot of pain. It makes it hard to do anything right now. Yea for the weekend.

February 16, 2015

Another week ahead

  • Beerman is home sick. I know - shocking.
  • C-man left for school with a mat burn on his left cheek. (War wound, if you will.)
  • And I'm packing and heading out to Orlando for a few days for work.
  • Full steam ahead.