July 27, 2015

We did it

5 days and 42 miles of walking later, we saw San Francisco. We saw the bridge and the markets and the piers and a comedy club. We saw the Full House house and painted ladies and ferries and Sausalito.

We saw restaurants and a famous prison and chocolate shops and hippies.

We saw flowers and windmills and beaches and parks.

And now, it's time to be home. Upon my arrival, C-man met me at my car, and helped me carry my bags. Beasley was already fed and walked, and he declared it was cuddle time. A nice time, but it's really good to be home.

July 21, 2015

Almost time

The boarding passes are printed, the itinerary is figured out, and work is getting wrapped up. It's almost vacation time, babies!

July 19, 2015


We visited Grandma and the bees today. The two hives I've got are booming. I was so relieved. I haven't been near them in 3 weeks, and Caroline's still only had one brood box because it was progressing so slowly (it should have at least two by now). The lack of space from that could have caused swarming, especially in this heat, resulting in a hive loss for me. But while all of the frames were completely full of honey and pollen and brood, and they needed another box, everyone was docile and happy. A really good sign. Abigail's hive hasn't filled out the super I'd put on it yet. I added another after I confirmed (by sight of capped eggs/brood) that Abigail is still in there. (Also a relief, because last time I wasn't so sure.) So while the hive didn't need a second super today, the extra space means I can wait a few more weeks before returning. Overall, total relief that maybe I'm not the worst bee farmer in the land.

It's hard to think about going back to work tomorrow. At least it's a short week with the trip to San Francisco on Wednesday. Which reminds me - time to do the laundry!

July 18, 2015


It's sunny and hot. I think it's actually summertime. Nice.

July 16, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Today was my third and final day of video shoots for this video all about me at work.
  2. You know, the one only about a gazillion people can see.
  3. Except they won't, because who looks at videos on our corporate intranet?
  4. I've been getting emails for Fiji resort bookings. Someone is busy 'working' today.
  5. Last night, Beerman gave me a signed bottle of beer made for Donald Driver, signed by him, just for me.
  6. I might have swooned just a little.
  7. My husband's cool.
  8. I've printed out the tickets for Alcatraz and our night out at a comedy club in San Francisco.
  9. Now I just have to remember to take them along.
  10. I really need to see my bees this weekend. I should have gone last weekend, but well, life happened.
  11. Tomorrow is Friday, and it really can't come soon enough.
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing my bees, visiting the farmers' market, and sleeping.
  13. My right shoulder still hurts. Sigh. I suppose I should go back to the doctor.